‘Retiring in Comfort: How To Build Your Wealth for the Future’ My big achievement in 2014.

Retiring In Comfort HeaderMy last few blogs have focused on reviewing the last year and making plans for 2015 so I thought I would share with you one of my main goals for 2014, it was to write my first book. I am not an author and I have no writing experience, but I wanted to share my expertise and find a way to pass on the financial life lessons I have learned. What better way than a book?

I am very excited to announce I achieved my goal for 2014! I wrote and published my first book ‘Retiring In Comfort: How to Build Your Wealth for the Future’. It was no small feat to publish my first book and I would like to share with you the key steps to my success in this project.

1. Have a Vision
Before I could start I needed to have a vision of what I wanted to accomplish; which was to share my expertise with people who wanted to build wealth for their retirement. I then needed to decide how I was going to do this, personally I believed writing a book was the best way to provide this information to as many people as possible even though it gave me the huge task of writing and publishing it, something I had never done before.

2. Create a Plan
A book doesn’t just write itself, I had to come up with a plan! My plan included;

  • A time line- I had to plan what I needed to achieve and when I needed to achieve it by. This was my goal for 2014 not the next decade, I created a timeline that kept me on track for success.
  • Tools- I had to think about who and what I needed to achieve this goal, I had to source a publisher, an editor, as well as a few willing and able proof readers to keep my vision on track.
  • Mentor- In order to achieve my vision I included regular contact with my Mentor in my plan, by including my Mentor in this process I received regular advice and inspiration as I worked on my book. My Mentor also acted as a source of accountability; he kept me on track with my timeline and vision for the book.

3. Believe in Yourself
My goal of writing a book in 2014 was something I would not have been able to achieve if I did not believe in myself. Sometimes I didn’t think I would be able to finish the project, and there were many challenges I thought I wouldn’t overcome, but through it all I had to back myself. By backing yourself (even when you aren’t convinced you can make it) you create momentum to achieve your goal.Retiring In Comfort

I am in the process of working out my goals for 2015, and I look forward to sharing them with you once I have them confirmed. What are your goals for 2015? How are you going to push yourself beyond your comfort zones?

Is one of your goals is to begin the journey of creating wealth in retirement? Then let me add a shameless plug! Check out my first book ‘Retiring In Comfort: How to Build Your Wealth for the Future’ . It will provide you with all the information you need to start building wealth for your retirement.


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