A New Year – Is It Time To Change?

ZJL Happy New YearHappy New Year – another year has passed and now 2014 has officially arrived! What is 2014 going to look like for you and your business? Is it time you changed a few things?

  • Are you struggling for cash?
  • Are you like the many others, unsure where all your money goes?
  • Have you got plenty of credit card debt as a result of spending too much on presents over Christmas?
  • Would you like to go on that holiday but can’t afford it?
  • Don’t understand why your mortgage didn’t go down much last year?
  • Are you clueless about how much you have in superannuation?

Maybe some or all of these questions sound familiar? Well guess what – it is time to take some action!

Unless you make some changes in your life you will be in exactly the same position when 2015 rolls along! It’s time to make some decisions – act upon those things that you may have been putting off for years now. Here’s a checklist of four major areas you need to review to get the most out of your 2014;

1. Debt
It’s ugly and it’s costing you thousands. Find a way to begin putting a dent into your debt levels – no matter whether it is personal or business debt. Remember, even a small additional payment to your debt each week is better than nothing.

2. Superannuation
It is important today, no matter what age you are. Review your statement and get some expert advice on how you can make it look better. Some salary sacrificing may also go a long way. If you don’t look after your retirement, no one else will. Although the projected growth in the pool of superannuation savings is certainly heading in the right direction, the harsh reality facing those nearing retirement is that they will have nowhere near enough to retire on! Don’t let this be you.

3. Business 
If you are a small business owner it’s time to work on your business, not in it. Block some time out of your week to ensure that those great ideas go further than sitting on your desk – they need to be implemented and there is no time like the present. An idea is useless and bears no success if it is not actioned!

4. Goals
It’s important to list them. By writing your goals down – both short and long term, personal and business – it will hold you accountable to them. It’s time to start working towards achieving them; even if it is at a slow pace.

It is simple; most people retiring in the next 20 years will not have the lifestyle in retirement they are seeking or deserve! If you don’t want to fall into this category take action immediately, otherwise you may be left with no choice but to work for longer. Is that what you really want? I would imagine not, and if I am right then it’s time to do something about it!!!

You need to plan, analyse and take the required action; remember even the smallest adjustments earlier on in your life can make a massive difference by the time you reach your 60’s when you are ready for retirement.

If you need help to create a plan to get you to where you want to be, then we can help. Get in touch and look us up at http://www.zjl.com.au

Happy Running…


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