Last Minute Christmas Marketing For Small Businesses

ZJL Partners Marketing For A Christmas Rush

Christmas is only 25 days away and the pre Christmas rush is starting to amp up! But what do you do if your business isn’t quiet hitting its targets and the pre Christmas rush is nowhere to be seen? We have a few marketing ideas that can be implemented at the last minute to create momentum around your business;

1. Purchasing Rewards

The easiest people to sell too are the ones already interested in your product. Offer a voucher with every purchase made in your business – Examples are; A $10 gift card with every purchase over $50, a free bottle of wine with the next meal purchased, 20 percent of the next service. The key here – if you want the customers to return before Christmas, make sure the voucher is promoted with this intention and expires before Christmas; you create a sense of urgency within the purchasing experience and a convenient option for customers in a busy period. Why would you shop somewhere else when you know you can make a saving locally?

2. Consider Free Delivery

No longer are small businesses just competing with other local enterprises, they are literally competing with the world. Make your customers decision a little easier and provide free delivery in the Christmas period – as a retailer you might not stock the cheapest item but you can deliver it locally in less than 24 hours! If you are a catering or food business, deliver your food for free; make it to enticing for your stressed and busy customers to order your food instead of your competitors.

3. Reschedule Boxing Day

Have you noticed many of the big retailers now start their Boxing Day sales a week earlier? They aren’t publicised as the Boxing Day sales, they are marketed as pre Christmas sales, but if you have a closer look on Boxing Day many of the sale prices are the same as they were the week before Christmas. If you have excess stock is there really any loss in creating your own pre Christmas Sale? Would you generate increased sales with your “Beat the Boxing Day Crowd” or “Boxing Day Preview” sales? In the food and catering industries a ton of produce is going to go off over the Christmas/Boxing Day public holiday period, how about making up ‘grab and go’ catering packs for clients that have last minute Christmas drinks and catch up’s?

Creating some last minute Christmas excitement around your business doesn’t need to be expensive or require the enlistment of a marketing team! Take the time to think outside the square, print up some simple promotional vouchers or signs, and get your staff on board. It is not too late to create your own pre Christmas rush!

Need some more small business marketing tips? Our team are always happy to help, contact us at


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