What Is The Best Way To Save Money On Your Home Loan?

The Running Accountat Home Loan SavingAt the moment interest rates are at an all time low, so now is a great opportunity to set your self up for financial freedom through property investment, not only for today but for your retirement years!

There are a few proven strategies you can use to pay less interest on your home loan and pay it off sooner.

Strategy 1:  Find The Cheapest Home Loan You Can – But Be Sure To Take Into Account Both Rates And Fees.

It would be so much easier to decide which home loan you should use if you could easily compare interest rates and fees. But it is difficult! There are all sorts of deals available for all sorts of loans, and it’s a big job wading through all of the documentation to find out the real interest rate and to uncover all of the fees.

While one loan may have a cheaper interest rate, it may have higher monthly fees. Another may have exit penalties. Another lender might tempt you with a cheap short term rate, but then charges high rates of interest and high fees after that period elapses.

The best way is to have an expert do it for you. The right loan broker spends every day comparing home loans, and using their knowledge, computer modelling and loan comparison expertise to find the cheaper loans will work.

Strategy 2: Making Extra Repayments (Even Small Ones) Can Make A Big Difference.

Paying extra off your home loan – either on a regular basis or with the help of a one-off financial windfall – can save you a small fortune in interest repayments over the long term.

1. Use Surplus Income
Can you afford to pay a little extra off your home loan each month? Even reasonably small amounts can make a big difference because the extra you pay comes straight off the principal – and this will result in ongoing interest savings.

 2. Take Advantage Of Falls In Interest Rates
If interest rates and your required monthly repayments fall, try to maintain the old monthly repayment as a way of making extra repayments.

3. Pay Fortnightly Rather Than Monthly
This is a useful little strategy that works because you effectively pay an extra month’s repayment each year. You simply divide your monthly repayment in two, and pay that amount every fortnight. Because there are 26 fortnights in a year, but only 12 months, you end up paying extra off your home loan each year.

The key to saving the most money is to ensure you use the combination of strategies which best suit you, your family and your budget.

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Happy Running…


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