What Does It Take To Succeed?

The Running Accountant Game DayLast week as a proud parent in Ballarat, I got to watch my 12-year-old daughter compete at the National Basketball Championships of Australia and it got me thinking about what it takes to succeed.

Whether it’s in sport, in business, or in everyday life there are some common characteristics that we could all learn from.

1. Preparation and Planning
In sport, it comes down to the blood, sweat and tears involved well before any tournament or game is played. Who is your opponent and how are you preparing and planning to ensure you are best you can be?

Business is the same. What are you doing today to make this year the best yet?

If you are a retailer, how are you preparing for your best Christmas period yet – what plans for success do you have in place? If you leave it to chance, you will eventually come unstuck!

An example is the basketball stadium where the tournament was held – as a business, they were cashing in all week or as they say “Making hay while the sun shines”! They prepared quite thoroughly by having the café fully stocked with plenty of options to suit all, merchandise was flying out the door and even set up a bar to quench the thirst for us parents! They prepared and planned quite successfully for this event well before we all arrived.

2. Game Time 

In sport, you can train hard, you can be fully prepared, but the next step is actually making it happen when it counts – game time!

Business is exactly the same. All the best plans can come unstuck quite quickly, sometimes without you even noticing before it’s too late! Do you have enough staff to ensure customers are not waiting to hand over their money to you? Is your staff able to work in the business to help it achieve its goals when it really matters? A well-stocked café at a basketball stadium is useless if it takes 10 minutes to serve its customers, or can’t keep the fryer stocked. How is your business performing on game day?

 3. Cool Down 
After a tough game of basketball, it is time to cool down and then review. Each team needs to assess what worked well, what didn’t work and what can be done differently to ensure the best chance of success.

Again, business is the same. Listen to your customers and always try and improve. Do they want products that you don’t carry? What are the roadblocks that may be preventing your customers from spending their money with you rather than your competitors?

As with the café at the basketball stadium, they had to assess if they had the right team members rostered on at the right time? Was the food served hot and to peoples liking? Do they get any customer feedback that should be acted upon to help with the next game or the next day? They needed to review and implement quickly!

We should constantly be focusing on improvement, no matter what type of business we are in. If we don’t continually improve as a business, you will get left behind quite quickly and will find it hard to recover.

Remember, it takes a long time for any business to build a great reputation, but will only take a split second for a business to lose it!

 Are you using our services to help your business prepare for your game day? If not, get in touch with us at http://www.zjl.com.au and together we can start implementing these principals to change your business and most importantly your life!

 For the record, apart from the weather in Ballarat, basketball as a sport and as a business did well last week!

Happy Running…


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