How Can We Learn From One Of The Best?

The Running Accountant Steve JobsThe late Steve Jobs’ impact on our lives can never be overestimated!

His ideas and innovations have touched nearly all of us in one shape or another – from computers, the way we purchase movies and music, to the way we communicate with the iPhone.

I loved reading his autobiography and it would be high in my recommended readings for you all.

For all business owners, whether you are a start up or have been involved in business for many years, his greatest legacy is the set of principles that drove his success – each and every time! What can we as business owners learn from someone who had so much success?

1. Do what you love.
Are you just getting up and going to work each and everyday – or do you actually love what you are doing? Do you have a passion for the products or services you provide?

2. Put a dent in the universe.
What is your vision – do you even have one? Are you continuously working towards your vision each and every day or are you just doing what needs to be done to stay ahead of your competitors? You must never, ever lose sight of your big vision. If you haven’t got one, then create one!

3. Make connections.
We can all learn lessons and skills from the most unlikely of sources. Steve Jobs once took a calligraphy class that didn’t have any practical use in his life – well, that was until he built the Macintosh. Don’t live in a bubble, connect ideas from varying fields. The world holds so many experiences for us all, never put the blinkers on or close your eyes to anything!

4. Say no to 1,000 things.
Never ever let a customer dictate to you what your business does and what your business looks like – it’s your business so make your own rules and then learn to say NO sometimes. What do you need to say “no” to? When was the last time you said “no” to a customer?

5. Create insanely different experiences.
The Apple products have enriched so many lives. What are you doing to enrich the lives of your customers? Are they looking forward to further business with you – maybe even camping out the night before for the release of your next product?

6. Master the message.
You can have the greatest ideas or best products in the world, but if you can’t communicate them, they will fail. What ideas do you have and how are you sharing them with your customers? Do they even know what products or services your business can help them with? If not, tell them!

7. Sell dreams, not products.
Are your products capturing the imagination of your customers? Your customers don’t care about your products; they care about themselves, their hopes, their ambitions. Steve Jobs taught us that if you help your customers reach their dreams; you’ll win them over each and every time. Are you helping your customers reach their hopes and ambitions?

There’s one thing that we could all learn from the late Steve Jobs – believe in yourself, believe in your vision and love what you are doing! Have a passion for what you are doing and ensure that your customers also love and have a passion for your products!

Are you using our services to help your business achieve your vision and goals? If not, get in touch with us at and together we can start implementing these principals to change your business and most importantly your life!

Happy Running…


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