International Women’s Day & Business…

There is the saying “behind every successful man, is a great woman”, and while there is nothing truer in my home, it is important on International Women’s Day to also acknowledge the achievements of women as their own individuals. Women are leading the way in small business around the country with twice the numbers of females starting new businesses compared with the male population (ABN, 2012).

Small business owners need to be leaders, teachers, visionaries and implementer’s.

When all businesses start out most commonly these titles, and many more will fall to the business owner.  It is the business owner that has the ideas or the concepts, takes the risks, builds and creates the products, does everything from the marketing to the record keeping, turns the lounge or garage into their place of business,that burns the midnight oil or invests and devotes every waking moment towards achieving success.

If you are the current owner of your small business, and these categories don’t sound familiar, then I would ask who is driving your business towards achieving success?

For those of you that have been involved in business for a while now, some or all of these batons may have been passed onto others.  Are your relay runners doing the job that they were employed to do, are they reaching the KPI’s that where originally set (that’s saying that you actually created them in the first place), are they helping you turn your small business into what you had planned for it?

This needs to be continually monitored and reviewed, worked upon and enhanced, and forever changing to keep you and your business ahead of the pack! If you are a small business owner who needs some more tips and direction check out my business website for free resources.

On International Women’s Day it is timely to acknowledge the leadership and contribution of women in the work place, our community and within our homes.

international womens day


Happy Running…


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