Does Your Business Need To Be Re-Started?

I have just come back from a weekend away with my wife and it reminded me that we all occasionally need a long weekend or a holiday for a couple of weeks which we can use to reset, refocus and then come back to work with all guns blazing.

Just like you personally may need time out to refresh and refocus, your business must also be reviewed and may even be in need of some green veggies and a multivitamin to start operating at its maximum potential (and this may apply for your AFL or NRL club also).

So here we are almost 2 months into 2013 – has your business been firing and hitting all the targets you set some 2 months ago? Do your business targets need to be reviewed and altered at all?

Any business deserves and needs the same review and refresh that you as an individual do.

When was the last time as a business owner you reviewed your business objectives to adjust them where required (that’s presuming you even set some in the first place)?

Is your business under achieving and more importantly, why?

As the business owner ask yourself, what do you need to do and put in place to achieve the results your business deserves? Is there an aspect of the business you need to remove, or components of your role that could be done more efficiently by someone else freeing you up to run your business, or maybe you need to let someone go to ensure that the business has every chance of meeting the KPI’s that count.

The business is only as good as the team involved!

“Maybe you have to break with something before you can have a breakthrough”

If your business is doing better than expected, I suggest rewarding yourself first, and then to review and adjust your KPI’s upward to ensure that no apathy or laziness sets in.  Do not get complacent or comfortable with what your business has already achieved, set new goals and objectives and ensure that you and your team continue to work harder with what can be and should be accomplished.

Always review what is important to you and what is important to your business.

Sometimes, you may need to step away or take some time out to refocus, not just for improvement of your business, but the improvement of yourself personally.


“Happy Running”…


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