What Legacy Will You Leave?

Unfortunately, 10 days ago I lost my grandfather aged 92; he was someone whom I looked up to, but more importantly, was someone that taught me many lessons in life.

While going through the grieving process with my family and preparing a eulogy for him, it got me thinking of the legacy that will remain with me now that he has passed?

What is the legacy that he has left?

I therefore raise the question, what is the legacy or the things that you are working upon today that will remain once your gone?

If we look at someone like Steve Jobs, he left an amazing legacy – to me he was an absolute genius. He changed the way people communicate with each other via the i-phone, the way people listen to music via i-tunes, the way we use personal computers via the invention of both the i-pad and the i-mac and the way children’s movies are made through Pixar productions. His legacy will remain for a long time and will not be forgotten.

What will your legacy be?

Maybe it is as a leader – to teach your children how to become successful in their chosen field or how to become financial secure?

Maybe it will be your generosity – to create a charity or help some people out that are a lot less fortunate than you are?

Maybe it is motivation or the ability to succeed – maybe run that marathon to show that with the power of the mind, anything is possible; to be the best that you could possibly be?

There is no right or wrong legacy; and no legacy is too small or too large!

What is important to you?

What or how do you want to be remembered?

My grandfather’s legacy was one of success, honesty and to give your best at everything you do. The trust he put in me with everything is something I will never forget; I didn’t take for granted – it was an absolute honor – I will treasure it until the day that I die. Even though he probably didn’t even realize it, by this simply action he taught me to surround myself with people that I trust and are better than me in what they do – something that I constantly use in business today. Then again, he probably knew exactly what he was teaching me!

His legacy will remain with me forever!

“Happy Running”…


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