New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year to you all.

Another year has now arrived – many New Year resolutions were made and unfortunately, many New Year resolutions have probably been broken already.

“Resolutions are meaningless without means to instantiate them.  Resolve means to have an assertive and firm action to do something” (Alan Weiss).

It’s not too late, but every person should have goals or objectives that have been written down that they would like to accomplish; both personally and professionally.  Personal goals may include running a marathon, or maybe losing some weight.  Business goals may include to grow your business revenue by 10% or to increase your product range.

There are no right or wrong resolutions; no resolution is too big or small – focus on what is important to you!

With all resolutions, I recommend 3 courses of action: –

  1. Schedule the elements you need in your calendar today – it is extremely important to put aside time to give you every chance of making your resolutions happen.
  2. Have someone hold you accountable – by telling others or writing your resolutions down will give you more chance of success.
  3. And then be sure to apply the daily discipline to do it – what needs to happen to make them happen?

By doing all of this, your resolutions will lead to improve performance and the right desired behaviors.  Otherwise, they’re less likely to occur.

Are you betting on long shots or are you setting yourself up for continued success?

Did you realize that if you wait until the 1st February 2013 to implement the resolutions that you made that more than 8% of 2013 has passed you by – you have already wasted more than 8% of 2013 by not implementing!

The New Year should bring a fresh new beginning, new hope, new opportunities and another chance of implementing all the ideas that you know that you need to be implementing to make you better and make your business better.

“Happy Running”…


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