Getting Ready For the New Year

Sitting here with only 2 weeks left until another Christmas arrives, it gets me thinking, as a small business owner, what I need to implement to hit the New Year running and give me every chance of making 2013 look even brighter, delivering even more than what 2012 delivered.

This is of utmost importance, especially in today’s environment which seems to lack confidence out there in the market place.

The reality is, that as small business owners we start each and every New Year with high expectations and hopes, but then reality kicks in; the day-to-day activities of running a small business takes precedence over the bigger picture.

Where to begin?!

1. Past Data

The first thing that you must understand as a small business owner is what has actually happened during 2012 – what does my data tell me!?

What was my revenue? What were the expenses?

What was my profit margin? How is the cash flow looking?

…..and the questions can go on and on.

Until you understand what actually happened in 2012, you are unable to make changes or implement ideas and strategies to ensure that you will improve in 2013.

Do you understand your historical data?

2. Goals and Objectives

Now that you understand your historical or past data, it can be used to make improvements for 2013.

Firstly, what are your goals and objectives for 2013?

What do you want to achieve? What opportunities are there that maybe didn’t exist 12 months ago?

Take a moment to consider the strengths of your business and more importantly, the strengths of your team members.  Can you utilize the strengths of your team to capitalize on the market?

Is it a matter of introducing new systems or tools into your business?

The idea here is to map out your plan for the next 12 months – until you have created a plan, you don’t know what path to follow!

3. Getting Started

Start running today – don’t wait until tomorrow or next week or next month.

The idea is to get going straight away – the time will never be right to commence or there will never be enough hours in the day.

Did you know that if you wait until the end of January to get going, then over 8% of the year has passed you by.  You will already be kilometers behind your competitors.

Happy Running into 2013 and beyond…


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