Marathon Training & A Winning Business Culture

While out running this morning, the thought came into my head what training I will need to do over the Christmas period to help me perform successfully on the 13th January 2013 for a 28 km trail run that I have entered to compete in.

As a runner, I look at 3 things: –
1. The training and sessions that I need to do, and
2. The food my body needs, making sure I am fueled to succeed, and
3. Allowing the right time for recovery after each training session.

The thought also crossed my mind thereafter what would my business, ZJL Partners need to look like and what the culture needs to be to create that winning and successful feeling and environment to enable the whole team to succeed!

The following 3 items also sprang to my mind: –
1. Create and have a winning business culture, and
2. Giving them the tools they need to succeed,
3. Does my team understand the Why?

Let’s have a look at each one more closely.

1. Create and Have a Winning Business Culture!

ZJL Partners focuses on hiring the best and having the best team!  This focus has led to a strong oriented team business culture that shares the values and has a genuine passion for being the best.

Does your team share in that winning business culture?

2. Does Your Team Have the Tools They Need To Succeed? 

At ZJL Partners as we hire the best, we recognize the need to give our team the tools to constantly challenge and develop them to achieve there best, both personally and for the business. A team with the tools they need far out performs an under equipped team, and have greater confidence when completing new and challenging tasks.

Does your team have the tools required to be the best?

3. Does Your Team Understand the Why of Your Business?

At ZJL Partners we take the time to discuss the Why with our team – the reason we explain the Why, not just the job at hand is really simple. We have found that when our team understands the “What” and “Why”, they will readily come up with the “How”. They develop initiative and contribute fresh ideas back into the workplace.

My personal journey along with that of ZJL Partners is certainly far from over and we strive to learn and improve daily. As soon as we relax and think that our race has been won, we will get overtaken heading towards that finish line!

Happy Running…


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