Marathon Training Can Make You A Successful Businessman

Speaking from experience, I believe that marathon training can make you a better businessman.  Barrack Obama, Richard Branson, ……….(just to name a few) are known to have a great training and workout routines.

I believe that there are a few common areas that I can relate to my training which I consider useful also in managing a successful business.

1. Dedication – marathon training, actually any serious level of fitness training comes down to the dedication you have.  Whether it’s the early morning training sessions, watching the foods you may eat or organizing your social life around the long run that you need to do on a Sunday morning.

Business is much the same – it is the dedication involved to achieve your goals and objectives, it the dedication involved to implementing the little things in your business that will all add up to make a massive difference and it is the dedication involved to knowing your numbers that will allow you to work towards bettering them.

2. Support – marathon training does require you to have a support crew of the best people around you, even though many consider it a non-team event.  Family, friends, business colleagues, even physiotherapist and masseurs are required to support and help you upon your journey.

Business success not only comes down to how good you are, but how good your team is.  Your team needs to have the same beliefs; objectives and the business culture must be adhered and followed through by each & every team member.  Your clients will always remember those little things that maybe weren’t done right rather than the majority of things done perfectly.

The old saying “that you are only as good as the weakest link in your team” is so true.  A successful businessmen needs to surround himself with the right people and people that are better than him in his job.

3. Internal Drive & Motivation – you might think that marathon training is an external goal.  It isn’t. I started training because I wanted to get back in shape (as many people do).  I wanted to operate at my personal best.  A commitment of this level cannot come from the outside – it must come from within.

Business is very similar – to build a successful business, it must come from an internal desire to operate at your absolute best.  The internal drive you show to your team will also rub off against them and show that anything is possible when you determine your business goals and objectives.

A level of fitness doesn’t come overnight or with one run – it comes from much discipline, the support crew you have around you and from the internal drive and motivation from within. Business success also doesn’t happen overnight – it comes from the dedication invested, the support crew or team that you have created and the internal drive & motivation of not just you, but the entire team.

Happy Running…


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