How Can Business Learn from the Melbourne Cup?

Well, here we are, only a short gallop away from the race that will stop the nation next week, The Melbourne Cup, were all the blood, sweat and tears will come to an end for those that are associated with the 24 horses that will compete.

Many of these people have been trying there whole life to win a three and half minute race.

For those of you that are currently running small businesses, many of the strategies used by those involved in the Melbourne Cup can be used as lessons in our businesses.

Let’s have a look at a couple;

1. Vision

Many of the owners &/or trainers have a sole vision or objective – to win the Cup.

As a business owner, what is the vision of your business?

What is your finish line and how quick do you want to get there?

2. The A Team

Each horse that will ultimately compete in the big race will have a massive team associated with them for the one purpose, that of success.  Owners, strappers, jockeys, vets, trainers just to name a few.  The “A” Team will be built to give them the best chance of success.

Each business also needs an “A“ team.  No matter what industry you are involved in or what the businesses objectives are, the best team is required to help give you the best chance of success.

Does your business have an A team or the best people around it to help it with your objectives?

3. Dedication and Routine

We have all hear the stories of those early mornings routines, where the trainer and the horse are working long  before the sun comes up each and every morning.  What about the dedication involved by the jockeys in there riding or eat almost nothing to hopefully get that 1% edge over their competitors.

Once the objective of the business has been created, and the “A” team has been built, success will only come to those with a strong level of dedication and routine!

The weak businesses will not succeed!

Best of luck to all you punters on Tuesday, may the best horse win!


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