Introducing the Running Accountant Theory!

The disciplines that I used over ten years ago to lose 40 kgs in weight and then completing 6 marathons, the latest being in New York City in November 2011, I believe these same disciplines should be used in accumulating wealth for our retirement.

Let me explain my Running Theory or what I call the “3 Run’s” further.

 1.     Run Your Program or Run Your Plan

With marathon training, the first step is to enter a marathon and then create a program to help you achieve your objective; whether it maybe to just complete a marathon without stopping or for the more experienced runner, maybe to complete within a certain time. This same strategy can be used for our retirement.

What do you want your retirement to look like?
At what age do you want to retire?
How much disposal income will you need in retirement?

Using the answers to these questions and probably a few more will enable you to create or “Run Your Plan” for a much more enjoyable and fruitful retirement.

 2.     Run Your Sessions or Run Your Strategies

With marathon training, now that you have created a program, it is time to put it into action.  It highlights the various sessions including the long runs, speed work, interval training and other sessions required to get your body used to the grueling 42.2kms required. Again, the same disciplines should be used for accumulating wealth for our retirement.

What strategies do you need to Run to help you achieve your plan? Maybe a salary sacrifice strategy; maybe buying an investment property through a Self Managed Superannuation Fund; or it might be as simple paying an extra $200 of your mortgage each week saving you thousands of dollars of interest over the years. Whether it is marathon training or retirement planning, it is the day-to-day sessions or the year-by-year saving strategies implemented that will make a massive difference.  They both require constant attention.

Any plan is useless unless it is implemented!

3. Run Your Life or Run Your Retirement

This is the most enjoyable part. With marathon training, you entered the race, created your plan to help you achieve your objective, you trained hard and ran each and every session of your plan and now race day is where you Run the race of Life!  Don’t get me wrong, it still hurts but the satisfaction of completing a marathon is a wonderful achievement and something that no one can ever take away from you.

The same disciplines can be used to Run your Retirement. Again, you created your goals and objectives, created your plan, implemented various strategies day by day, year by year and now it is time to Run Your Retirement.  After all the hard work over the years, it is now time for you to enjoy your retirement.


  1. Run Your Plan,
  2. Run Your Strategies,
  3. Run Your Retirement.

“Run Your Road to Success…”


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